New interactive charts to explore the data of the OpenCoesione Policy Focuses


The opendata section of the OpenCoesione portal dedicated to policy focuses is enriched with interactive dashboards, consisting in data visualizations that facilitate the consultation of data by all types of users, institutions’ and public administration representatives , researchers and teachers, journalists, citizens or students involved in the educational project At the School of OpenCohesion.

The interactive data visualizations of each dashboard are set up starting from the OpenCoesione data present in the in-depth analysis on the projects in progress that refer to specific sector policies financed with Cohesion funds from 2007 to today.

Dashboards are released with data as of 28th February 2022 and will be updated every two months. Currently the dashboards concern Tourist attraction, Confiscated assets, Reclamation, Culture, Landslides and floods, Water, Childcare, Innovation, research and human capital, Waste.

For each policy focus it is possible to visualize on the dashboard four main dimensions: 

  • Programming period and fund; 

  • Territory: territorial distribution of investments and levels of implementation by region, in order of decreasing level of funding; 

  • Projects: variables available for the consultation are Type of investment, Financial dimension by type of investment and administrative status;

  • Programmes: list of the main 10 programmes per public funding monitored of the ongoing projects.

The dashboards filters enable the visualization per different programming periods. Last but not least: the dashboard data can be downloaded in the open data format by any users.